Seeking Party Planner Extraordinaire to Chair 2020/2021 Auction Dinner & Dance!


The 2020-2021 Lake Forest Auction needs you! Are you that person? Are you interested in putting together a Team to Chair this event? Did you know that the Auction averages $40,000 in profit for the school to help 

PTC fund important things for your children? Some of those examples are:

  • Field Trips

  • Math Programs

  • Computers

  • Movie Night

  • Fall Festival

  • Teacher Stipends

  • And so much more...

All the things your kids love, that we can help bring to the school! 

Without the auction it would take a donation of over $100 per child, on campus, to make up for this loss. Without someone taking on this important role, the event is not possible. If you are interested in learning more about putting together a Team and helping to get this event started please contact 

Dana Gettelman at

Click here to view signup genius for ALL positions needed for Auction 2020. If interested in any of them please signup and attend our PTC meeting on January 22nd at 5:30 in room F9 for more information.

Deadline to determine if this event can happen is: 

Friday January 31st

(We will need a chairperson by this date to determine if this event will move forward)

Please contact Dana Gettelman at

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