We've put together a few suggestions to help make the registration process quicker and easier.


If your student splits time between two households,

please have one parent enter information for both households to avoid duplicate entries. You will be able to list up to four parents and two addresses per student.


If you have more than one student at Lake Forest,

please register them all with one account. For every student you wish to list in the directory, click the Add Student button (in Step1) and complete the required fields.


If you do not wish to receive email communications related to the Lake Forest student directory,

click the Email Opt Out checkbox next to the Email field (in Step 2). Please note that this means you will not receive an email with log-in instructions to access the online directory once it’s released to Lake Forest families. If you plan to access the directory, you must leave the Email Opt Out box unchecked. This election is good for one year. Next fall, we will ask you to confirm your email communication preference again.


If you don’t want your student listed in the directory or only want to list specific contact information,

you can choose your display preferences in Step 3. Simply check the boxes to indicate if you do not want your student displayed, or you want to exclude a specific phone number, mailing address or email address.


In Step 4, you will be asked to enter your initials to confirm your information is correct.

By initialing, you also agree to keep all personal information included in the Lake Forest Student Directory confidential and use it for student-related purposes only. Please do not use directory information for solicitation, lobbying or personal use outside the intended scope. Individuals who do not respect these conditions will lose access to the online directory.

Remember to click Save when you are done.

Once you complete this process you will receive an email from with instructions on how to access the Lake Forest Student Directory.